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Sexy Asian Thai girls wearing lingerie, stockings, nylon, uniforms and costumes. Cute and ready for action!

Asian Cumdump

asian thai girl fishnet pantyhose

Just another day in the life in SE Asia! She acts shy, but her smile is heart warming, and she soon gets into the mood of the occasion. She bends over on the fuck bench, and the camera zooms in to study the slit in the fishnet stockings and the knickers. It reveals a juicy little pussy, and the human cum dump giggles when we go around to her face. She smiles broadly, but complains about the leash around her neck being too tight. That’s OK, it’s not your neck we’re interested in.


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Renting Out Your Thai Girlfriend

Total cuckold letting thai girlfriend cheat

What do you do if you have too little money and a girlfriend who is slutty and forever chatting up men? I recommend getting rid of her and getting a job, but this guy had met a foreigner in a bar who said he made porn, and that’s why we see his girlfriend sucking a big cock from the word ‘go’ here. With a stud in her tongue and a stud pounding her mouth she is, for the first time, a source of income and not just a source of worry for her boyfriend.

As suspected of a girl like this, she has a big mouth but a tight cunt. She starts complaining when the big cock attacks her from behind, first on the fucking bench and then against the wall. Her fishnet stocking has a slit just big enough for the cock to enter, and next it is the pounding on the chair. Here we see she’s got something tattooed just above her cunt, but not what it might be. Perhaps it’s the boyfriend who has written ‘please pay and return after use!’?


Asian Apple Seed Thai girlfriend sucking another mans cock

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Joon Mali Asian Thai Cheerleader

I have a thing for cheerleaders. They are peppy, they’re athletic, the skirts are short, and the uniforms are awesome. I hope you enjoyed these photos of today’s Thai cheerleader Joon Mali.


Thai Schoolgirl Facial

Cute thai school girl

I think somebody ditched class today! This naughty Thai school girl needs to be taught a lesson by Asian Suck Dolls! We’ll start with a little strip show (that always makes me hard) and then half way there let’s see how deep down her throat a dick will go! To finish off the punishment I think she needs a big load of cum to completely fill her little mouth. Ah yes, that will do!

Thai Teen Facial


Sexy Loy Krathong Pattaya Girls

I had the pleasure of being in Pattaya for the latest Loy Krathong festival, and I’ve got some footage for you! Loy Krathong (wikipedia link) is where you float small beautiful handmade boats away in the water to wash away your evil deeds (like creampies?), light up the sky with floating lanterns, and shoot off tons of roman candles while you’re drunk trying to not hurt yourself. The best part in my opinion are the women dressed up in sexy outfits, dancing, and looking hot (bang bang)!

Loi Krathong laternsLoi Krathong laterns light up the night sky on Pattaya beach

Walking Street Loi KrathongA view of Walking Street Pattaya during Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong Beauty PagentSexy Thai ladies strut their stuff for the Loi Krathong Beauty Pageant

My approach to Iron Club A Go GoSneaking up to the Iron Club A GO GO – and then SNAP! Photo has been taken, but wait, I need a better one maybe? Check out the next one.

Iron Club A Go Go Loi Krathong GirlsYou can’t go wrong with these sexy hostess girls from the Iron Club a Go Go! Delicious!

If you want to see some hardcore action, I recommend heading over to Every Holes A Go Go or Asian Suck Dolls!

Petite and Skinny Eaw from Creampie Thais

Eaw from Creampie Thais

This really skinny Thai girl from Pattaya is all you need for the night! She’s so fucking cute so I had to post this picture (even if it’s only one). I love her fishnet stockings, adorable pigtails, and she’s only 18 and about 80 pounds! She gets her pussy slammed and filled with a bucket load of cum too!