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Shy Thai Gets Golden Shower

Shy Thai Girl

This Thai babe is so cute with her petite body and tiny tits, but she’s always been shy. Way too shy! The goal here was to break down that shyness and take things to the extreme! As you can see a few times she just collapsed on the chair and bed in a giggle fit. See her be shy, see her be silly, go check out the video!

Small tits

All it took was some clit massaging, and some words showing who’s the big boss in the bedroom, then in the moment of passion she gets a nice cock slid right into that hole for a rectal examination!

Taking it up the ass

Of course what happens after you drop your load and the small talk is over? You’ve got to take a leak. Now this is the only thing that went wrong (or right?) with her… she got into the way and received a lovely golden shower of power!


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Klaus Sex Vacation and the Thai Freelancer

Sometimes you have to mix things up to make sex exciting again. I mean, it doesn’t get boring, but sometimes things in life just lose that spark. So Klaus decided to show me a perfect example of mixing things up. He’s fucking this girl, she tosses his salad, she even fingers his ass, and he enjoys some anal. Not bad for just 30 minutes of the day!


Anal Creampie Balls Deep

My buddy Klaus is back at it AGAIN! Here’s another pretty thai bar girl he fucked in the ass. This guy never ceases to amaze me.

Beautiful thai girl sleeping pornMe: So what did you do the other weekend?
Klaus: I fucked Loon bareback in the pussy and asshole, I went from her pussy to her ass and then stuck it inside her pussy again and then I dropped a load of sperm inside her unprotected barslut butt hole.
Me: Bwahahahahaha!

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Massive thai pussy creampieHave you dated an asian girl, or even fucked a Thai girl? Chances are if you did… or know somebody who has… their pictures might be online right here (awe shit!)

Klaus Layin Pipe in Thai Ass

So over lunch I was talking with this guy about our pasts before Thailand. Our conversation went a little like this…

Me: So what did you do back in the day before your sexpat tour?
Klaus: Dude, I was a plumber!
Me: No way, you don’t seem like the type. Do you have any proof?

And then BANG! He showed me this!

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